Assembled Products Corporation’s dedication to sustainability is evident in the work and dedication of its team members. This month, APC celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

Since February 2008, Assembled has made many advances in sustainability with the help and involvement of all its employees.  The employees formed an Environmental Sustainability Committee, who sought to inspire the infusion of environmentally-sound best practices into sourcing, day-to-day operations, and product life cycles. The Committee set out to educate employees and measure results from initiatives in Energy, Waste, and Sustainable Products.

The team eagerly embraced the vision. Within two years of launching the Sustainability program, APC’s team members were responsible for decreasing electricity, water, and natural gas consumption by more than 30%, 25%, and 14% respectively. The Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) recognized Assembled for its achievements in Energy reduction. The team’s continued involvement has saved a total of 630 metric tons of carbon emissions and over 325,000 gallons of water since the program began.

To tackle Waste, the team’s mantra became “Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.” APC’s Purchasing teams audited incoming packaging from suppliers and not only reduced unnecessary packaging, but also converted many non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle materials like Styrofoam to 100% recyclable materials like paper.  From the audit, APC also discovered it could re-use much of the packing material from the supplier in its own finished product packaging or recycle the packaging back to the supplier.  APC also introduced an internal recycling program, for everything from paper to batteries, and from pallets to personal electronics.  With these initiatives and more, APC has saved over 1.3 million pounds of waste from landfills.

Not only did APC make strides in Energy and Waste, but also in its Sustainable Products Initiative.  APC employees turned their sights to the most impactful contributor, the products APC produces and sells daily. APC began by educating suppliers and evaluating product design. Educating suppliers on sustainable products meant an increase in the recycled content in products, and a conversion to RoHS-compliant electronics in the Kodiak product line. Internal focus on design led to the elimination of chroming in favor of a more sustainable powder coating process, and to the creation of the Model 63, the 100% recyclable Mart Cart Electric Shopping Cart. 

For Energy, Waste, and Sustainable Product initiatives and more, APC became Green Plus certified in 2011, achieving a high standard from the Institute for Sustainable Development.  APC is proud of its team member’s achievements in the 10 years of the program, and of their continued commitment to environmental sustainability.


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